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Wings of Inspiration Care Centre | Eldery Care Centre, Wings Sober Houses, Play School, Soup Kitchen, Day Care Centre, Women & Children's Shelter

Our Motto: "we live by faith not by sight"

Welcome to Wings of Inspiration Care Centre

Wings of Inspiration is a Christian based Non-Profit Company in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa. It was inspired by a family who had lived hard times, identified the need to help others and aspire to become part of the solution.

We would not be able to move forward without your kindness and generosity of the caring general public and business owner's such as yourself. We hope and trust you will find us a worthy cause to assist. We rely on donations of any form and sort to continue to be a blessing to others as others have been a blessing to us in the past. Remember that your gift helps others in need.

Wings of Inspiration is a registered Non-Profit Company, SARS Complaint and BBBEE Level 4.

Wings of Inspiration Organisations

Wings of Inspiration Elderly Care Centre, situated in Randfontein, South Africa, offers a home of to Pensioners that cannot afford to stay in Old Age Homes. We currently have 70 Elderly Residents. Most of them don't have family, and they would have been living on the streets as they only receive Social Security Grants. Pensioners receiving SASSA grants are most welcome to contact us.

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Wings of Inspiration Sober Houses offer a safe and supportive environment in which clients in early recovery from substance/alcohol dependence and behavioural addictions can begin the transition back into society and everyday life. We aim to allow residents ever increasing responsibility over the management of their lives, freedom of movement, financial responsibility and decision making, while still having the benefit of containment, community living, guidance and accountability.

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Wings Of Inspiration Women & Children’s Shelter, a NEW Safe Haven for women and their children, is opening in Wentworth Park, Krugersdorp on the 1st March 2021. The shelter will take in homeless women (and their children) who have had to endure neglect, abuse and trauma. Women who have lost their jobs, are stuggling to make ends meet, and have lost all hope. We will also take in young mothers who are homeless and are looking to kickstart their lives, for the sake of their child.

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Wings Of Inspiration Day Care Centre is officially opening on the 1st March 2021, and will be run from the premises of our NEW Women & Children’s Shelter situated in Wentworth Park, Krugersdorp, Gauteng. The Day Care is available to those who cannot afford to pay much but still need have their children looked after during the day while they go off to work or job hunting.

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Wings of Inspiration Play School helps and assists under-privileged children at our location in Mpumalanga. We currently have 45 children in the play school. The aim of the play group is to assist these kids by facilitating educational programs in doing so building and prepping them from when they go off to school. We assist by getting donations in the form of school supplies, clothing, books and food to mention a few.

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Wings of Inspiration Soup Kitchen is a soup kitchen in Krugersdorp, South Africa. We facilitate and manage a soup kitchen every Wednesday evening outside a homeless shelter. We currently feed 400 families per week. Our sponsorship, donations and contributions to the soup kitchen include community work volunteers, food and coffee.

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Dorah is an angel in her own right. She has dedicated her life to help orphaned children in Roodepoort, South Africa (and the surrounding area). Dorah’s Ark is located in the old Roodepoort library. At any given time, we take care of +-35 children ranging from new born to teens. Again, this organization is run on firstly prayer and then the generosity of the community.

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